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Woodlawn Plantation

1975 Drawing showing the location of the Kitchen at Woodlawn Plantation, Alexandria, Virginia. Photograph by the Historic American Buildings Survey.

One thought on “Woodlawn Plantation”

  1. Why are white people so interested in calling these places “historic” giving them the same honor of something that honorable citizens once owned?
    When the Germans kept death camps around, it wasnt to call the “historic” and praising them for their beauty and style. They didn’t praise the garb of those that were keeping Jews in them. they kept them around like someone would keep around a very old Prison. When you keep these stupid places around, you create two American experiences from those that visit. Blacks come to see where their families were suffering, while whites are “for the most part” coming to use them as bed and breakfast locations. Like Madewell Plantation house. Where they can have a nice background for their wedding. People who want to keep these places around don’t give two cents about the people that died and suffered. But I bet these same people would claim how they are willing to back “me too” movements, and the rights of women. While at the same time, forgetting the women raped in these hell houses.