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Silenced Voices in Interpreting Sites of Slavery

Silenced Voices

Silenced Voices is a short film documenting and describing the process and results of collaborative storytelling at a site of slavery. Descendants from both the enslaved communities and the enslaver’s family from Pharsalia Plantation came together, as Pharsalia descendants, for a week-long workshop exploring shared stewardship and concluding with a round table discussion. The film demonstrates what collective storytelling at a site of slavery can look like when all the stakeholders are committed to moving the narrative forward by presenting authentic and truthful accounts of slavery. Silenced Voices brought together Pharsalia descendants to share their ideas in an open, safe, and welcoming environment. Everyone had a voice; everyone’s voice was heard; and most importantly there was the shared understanding that people require different methods and amounts of time to process difficult truths. Silenced Voices was funded by the James Marston Fitch Foundation.

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