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Survey Goals

The documentation portion of the Slave House Database involves examining both the historical record and material culture. The Database includes historic documentation and new documentation for each structure. The new documentation represents survey work that I have completed and will continue to do. The HABS collection has been the primary focus of my research thus far, therefore it will be the first collection that I complete survey work for. This phase of the survey work involves locating and resurveying the HABS-documented slave houses in the United States. The goals for my survey work are:
1. To identify which of the HABS-documented slave houses still exist
2. To document the current conditions of the structures
3. To record architectural information and additional buildings that are missing from the original survey.

Slave House Survey Map

Quick Stats

Completed surveys of approximately 700 buildings
at over 140 sites
across 6 states
driven over 9,000 miles